ARIC™ for Card Fraud Prevention

Fighting Card-Present and Card-Not-Present Fraud in Real Time

The growing popularity of barrier-free payments methods such as contactless and online shopping opens up new opportunities for fraudsters. 

ARIC™ Risk Hub for Card Fraud Prevention enables the highest levels of customer acceptance, with little to zero friction, while identifying and blocking new fraud attacks as they occur.

Featurespace’s newly launched Automated Deep Behavioral Networks, is the next generation for card fraud prevention offering an enhanced layer of protection from scams, account takeover, card and payments fraud.

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Featurespace Launches Automated Deep Behavioral Networks

A holistic solution for card fraud prevention

ARIC profiles customers holistically, pulling data from touchpoints across the customer journey in real time, providing accurate risk scores for all types of card transactions as the customer interacts with the business.

The ability to understand a customer’s ‘normal’ behavior, enables ARIC to accurately separate ‘good’ behavior from ‘bad’, stopping fraud in its tracks while the reducing the number of genuine transactions declined. ARIC’s self-learning models automatically retune which eliminates the need for retraining.

Next generation machine learning, Automated Deep Behavioral Networks, delivers superior card fraud detection rates on top of already market-leading results, learning the best and most optimal features directly from data. Models adapt and learn in real-time, providing even better understanding of the subtleties in behavior for improved accuracy.

Target all tactics used to commit Card Fraud

ARIC Risk Hub scores all types of card transactions, ingesting data from a variety of internal and external sources, protecting against all card fraud typologies, including (but not limited to):

  • Account Takeover
  • Card-not-present (CNP) fraud
  • Counterfeit and skimming fraud
  • Lost and stolen card fraud
  • Card-never-arrived fraud

ARIC Risk Hub for Card Fraud Prevention

Accurate Fraud Detection

Real-time processing and decisioning


Advanced behavioral anomaly detection


Intuitive UI and safe test environment


Ease of analytics and advanced reporting

Outsmart Risk

  • Automatically detect new types of fraud
    ARIC’s adaptive fraud models constantly update, enabling the automatic of detection new types of fraud whilst maintaining uniquely low false positives.
  • Zero model degradation
    ARIC’s models automatically retune which eliminates the need for retraining.
  • Dramatically reduce false positives
    ARIC truly understands ‘good’ behavior, reducing false positives, allowing genuine customers to transact while stopping fraud in its tracks.
  • Real-time processing and decisioning
    ARIC offers best-in-class analytic model performance managing complex Card-Present and Card-Not-Present fraud attacks in less than 30 milliseconds.
  • Deliver improved risk score certainty across all transactions and capture hard to find fraud
    Automated Deep Behavioral Networks learns the best and most optimal features directly from data, providing years’ worth of feature extraction in just a few weeks.

ARIC White Label

ARIC Risk Hub for Card Fraud is also available as a White Label product.

Provide real-time fraud protection with machine learning to your clients, while opening new revenue streams for your business.

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Mega Multi-tenancy capability

Multi-tenancy enables businesses to service everyone from small customers to a large enterprise. Its architecture allows a single instance of a software application to service multiple customers or tenants.

Easy Onboarding of Clients
Instead of having to update every instance of ARIC across a large number of servers, multi-tenancy enables easy roll out of updates from a central application.

Analytics Configuration Groups
With multi-tenancy you can provide specific analytics for a group of tenants while maintaining an underlying service which remains constant for all tenants.

Segregation of Data
Segregate data according to business and security rules – ensure that tenants do not see the data of other tenants.

Explore Multi-tenancy within the ARIC Risk Hub

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