ARIC™ for Merchant Acquiring Fraud Prevention

Monitor merchant onboarding and transactional behavior to proactively identify anomalous chargeback and bust-out activity.

Online merchant acquisition has become an increasingly precarious business putting high demand on approving merchants in real time. Featurespace has years of experience as a technology partner to merchants and acquirers to combat the sophisticated fraud schemes used to commit Merchant Acquiring Fraud.

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Outsmart risk and identify issues before they arise

Historically, legacy systems have undertaken merchant acquiring and transaction monitoring at a summary level. ARIC Risk Hub instead analyzes and risk scores every individual transaction in real time – stopping more fraud with fewer alerts. The result is minimal negative impact to your genuine merchants and higher payment conversion with reduced risk.

ARIC Risk Hub combines the power of Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and real-time machine learning to truly understand ‘good’ behavior. By combining transactional event and merchant information with behavioral data, Featurespace customers are able to monitor and identify merchant risk for even the most complex types of fraud such as transactional laundering, scheme breach and merchant bust out.

Target all tactics used to commit Merchant Acquiring Fraud

Fraud poses a constant challenge to acquirers and merchants, increasing the need to fight fraudsters with best-in-class technology.

ARIC Risk Hub protects you and your merchants against all merchant acquiring fraud typologies, including (but not limited to):

  • Transaction Laundering
  • Exemption Management
  • Merchant Bust Out
  • High Risk Fraud Attacks
  • Chargeback Abuse
  • Merchant Risk

ARIC for Merchant Acquiring Fraud Prevention


Understand normal activity for individual and categorized merchants to spot anomalies


Identify underlying trends that suggest risky or fraudulent behavior


Automatically detect new and existing types of fraud, without increasing friction

Accurate Fraud Detection

Easy-to-use alert management capability from a single user interface

ARIC Risk Hub protects you and your merchants

  • Frictionless Merchant Onboarding:
    Identify fraudulent merchant applications in real time using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics technology.
  • Reduce fraud losses
    Identify suspicious transactional and chargeback activity; ensure the best fraud rates to get exemption rights in the face of regulations.
  • Proactively monitor high-risk merchants
    Improved protection against merchant risk by performing real-time analysis on transactions, benchmarking these against existing credit limits and performing peer group analysis to look for merchants acting outside the norm.
  • Accurately and automatically spot new fraud attacks
    By understanding what normal activity looks like and monitoring all entities in real time enables acquirers to automatically spot anomalies such as BIN attacks or merchant bust-outs.
  • Improve fraud detection and chargeback performance while simultaneously increasing acceptance
  • Zero model degradation
    Self-learning models automatically adapt, learning from investigators’ actions, proactively enabling acquirers to discover new fraud attacks automatically.

ARIC White Label

Did you know, ARIC Risk Hub for Merchant Acquiring Fraud is also available as a White Label product?

Provide real-time fraud protection with the very best machine learning to your clients, opening new revenue streams for your business.

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Mega Multi-tenancy capability

Multi-tenancy enables businesses to service everyone from small customers to a large enterprise. Its architecture allows a single instance of a software application to service multiple customers or tenants.

Easy Onboarding of Clients
Instead of having to update every instance of ARIC across a large number of servers, multi-tenancy enables easy roll out of updates from a central application.

Analytics Configuration Groups
With multi-tenancy you can provide specific analytics for a group of tenants while maintaining an underlying service which remains constant for all tenants.

Segregation of Data
Segregate data according to business and security rules – ensure that tenants do not see the data of other tenants.

Explore Multi-tenancy within the ARIC Risk Hub

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