ARIC™ for Payment Fraud Management & Prevention

Detect and prevent fraudulent payment activity with minimal manual intervention. 

Today’s customers expect a seamless and smooth payments experience regardless of their adopted payment method.

Stop fraud before a payment is even attempted and keep customers happy without unnecessary interference or wrongly declining transactions with ARIC™ Risk Hub.

Featurespace’s newly launched Automated Deep Behavioral Networks is a new deep learning approach that offers exceptional risk detection as well as reduced false positive ratios.

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Featurespace Launches Automated Deep Behavioral Networks

Supporting an enhanced customer journey

Payment fraud exists in many different forms. The kinds of fraud a business might be exposed to will depend on the way they make or process their payments such as Faster Payments, BACS, Zelle, ACH, SWIFT, RTP, P2P, Wire and more.

ARIC Risk Hub combines data from a variety of sources, including device ID, customer behavior, and cross-channel transactions in a single solution. Powered by our patented, award-winning invention, Adaptive Behavioral Analytics technology and unique ARIC Model Definition Language (AMDL) at it’s core, the ARIC™ Risk Hub prevents Fraud and Financial Crime with unrivaled accuracy. In addition,  Featurespace’s newly launched Automated Deep Behavioral Networks delivers stable, real-time scoring with high throughput and low latency response times for business-critical enterprises, even under surge conditions.

Target all tactics used to commit Payment Fraud

Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub offers a holistic solution to protect your business and customers from the layered, complex payment fraud typologies, including (but not limited to):

  • Deposit Fraud
  • Account Takeover
  • Man in the Middle/Browser
  • Authorized Pushed Payments
  • Scams
  • Money Mules

Our payment fraud solutions fight fraud in real-time

Accurate Fraud Detection

Understand behavioral data across all channels


Integrate multiple data feeds

analysisblack icon

Accurately spot impersonation fraud


Create a frictionless customer experience

ARIC Risk Hub Balancing security and convenience

  • Enterprise Payment Fraud Prevention
    A unified risk hub for fraud, financial crime and scam detection, with best-in-class model performance across multiple channels managing complex fraud attacks throughout the user journey.
  • Enhance customer experience
    Create a frictionless customer experience, ensuring that genuine transactions are not blocked unnecessarily.
  • Zero degradation
    Analytic fraud models with automatic self-learning technology continuously adapt and improve in their accuracy based on analyst decision feedback on risk alerts.
  • Increase operational efficiency
    360-degree view of the money movement within a customer’s accounts – in combination with non-financial events – that precede the payment.
  • Streamline processes
    ARIC’s rich User Interface enables analysts to pinpoint anomalous behavior across different streams of data in real-time, near real-time and batch processing.
  • Deliver improved risk score certainty across all transactions and capture hard to find fraud
    Automated Deep Behavioral Networks
    learns the best and most optimal features directly from data, providing years’ worth of feature extraction in just a few weeks.

ARIC White Label

ARIC Risk Hub for Payment Fraud is also available as a White Label product.

Provide real-time fraud protection with machine learning to your clients, while opening new revenue streams for your business.

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Mega Multi-tenancy capability

Multi-tenancy enables businesses to service everyone from small customers to a large enterprise. Its architecture allows a single instance of a software application to service multiple customers or tenants.

Easy Onboarding of Clients
Instead of having to update every instance of ARIC across a large number of servers, multi-tenancy enables easy roll out of updates from a central application.

Analytics Configuration Groups
With multi-tenancy you can provide specific analytics for a group of tenants while maintaining an underlying service which remains constant for all tenants.

Segregation of Data
Segregate data according to business and security rules – ensure that tenants do not see the data of other tenants.

Explore Multi-tenancy within the ARIC Risk Hub

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