ARIC™ for Payments

Check Fraud Prevention

Apply the latest industry leading Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to one of the oldest financial crimes, Check fraud. 


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Utilize ARIC™ for Payments to prevent Check fraud in real time

ARIC™ for Payments provides a unified solution for financial institutions seeking to combat increasing Check fraud across all channels.

The underlying flexibility of ARIC™ for Payments provides the ability to ingest additional third-party Check related data, view Check images directly within the alert and case management user interface, and ingest Check data via API or batch. ARIC can make use of data across all points of the transaction life cycle, including device data for mobile deposits, location data for branch and ATM deposits, and signals from other FIs and processors on in-clearing checks.

Together, our cutting-edge analytics and flexible platform configuration enable operations teams to manage the check float and hold process through confidently expediting funds availability on genuine activity, while focusing on the truly high-risk reviews, both driving efficiencies for your operations team, and further enhancing your customer’s experience.

ARIC for Payments’ support for all payments channel methods powers a holistic view of payment activity allowing your organization to quickly diagnose and mitigate fraud attacks jumping across channels and payment types.

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Reduce Manual Reviews

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to accurately detect both good and bad customer behavior.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Reduce friction and increase speed of funds availability for your customers. 

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Increase Fraud Detected

Leverage cross channel and cross payment type activities to accurately identify complex fraud attacks.

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Optimize Ops Teams and Customer Experience Through Real-time Processing

Approve Checks faster for your customers and give your fraud analysts more time to work the challenging cases by making decisions on remote deposit capture and branch deposits in real time.

ARIC™ for Payments protects from evolving Check fraud typologies

Powered by our patented, award-winning invention, Adaptive Behavioral Analytics technology and unique ARIC Model Definition Language (AMDL), ARIC™ for Payments offers a holistic solution to protect you and your customers from Check fraud typologies such as Check washing, counterfeit Checks, Check kiting schemes, and Check scams.

ARIC for Payments protects against evolving Check fraud typologies

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Check Washing

ARIC utilizes Check specific data elements and behavioral profiles to identify Check washing, whether that be through a change in recurring payment recipient or unusual gaps or repetition in Check sequencing.  

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Counterfeit Checks

ARIC prevents Check counterfeiting by comparing key items like routing and MICR numbers, sequence numbers, and associated party behavioral patterns. ARIC can easily integrate with check image analysis vendors to enhance the protection.


Check Kiting

ARIC applies adaptive analytics targeted at assessing factors such as withdrawal activity vs deposit activity and pre-deposit funds availability to identify potential Check float exploitation and kiting schemes.

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Check Deposits

ARIC provides tailored analytics to individual customer profiles, allowing for alerts to be generated based on customer specific relative amounts, velocity, recipient risk levels, or other indicators of risk for both first- and third-party fraud MO's.

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In-clearing Checks

ARIC's adaptive behavioral profiles allow for the easy identification of multiple fraud risk signals such as high dollar values, unusual Check sequencing, or high Check payment velocity.

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Check Scams

ARIC combats Check scams through the monitoring of all payment types and channels for both inbound and outbound account activity.

Build an effective strategy by covering all areas of risk

Detect Check fraud in real time

ARIC for Payments is designed to perform optimally within real-time environments. As a result, you can provide check originating from online banking systems to ARIC’s API and receive a real-time risk response in 10s of milliseconds. Subsequently, utilize the output to block transactions or orchestrate additional downstream actions within your payments ecosystem. With ARIC for Payments you will be able to:

  • Detect multiple types of Check fraud, in real time, across all channels and Check types
  • Orchestrate downstream actions, such as denying a transaction or introducing customer friction like step-up authentication
  • Utilize transactional data across all payment types to appropriately risk assess transactions at the customer level

ARIC is not limited to real-time processing and risk assessment. Batch processing for Checks such as those originating from receiving financial institutions, enables ARIC to receive and risk assess asynchronously while still utilizing patented Adaptive Behavioral Analytics unique to the solution.

Prevent Check Fraud with machine learning

Machine learning is revolutionizing the payments industry and Check fraud prevention is no exception. ARIC for Payments is leading the way with its Adaptive Behavioral Analytics, which allows for analytics to be tailored at the individual customer level and adapt to the changes of your customers. Make use of stateful customer profiles that adapt in real time, making the prevention of common types such as kiting or washing simple.

ARIC provides out of the box analytics that allow for you to tailor to your Check fraud prevention strategy in a way that aligns with businesses goals.

Feature Rich for operation teams

ARIC for Payments is designed with the needs of a modern fraud analyst and analytics creator in mind. The extensive suite of native features to the platform allows for the optimization of your data, operations, and analytics team. ARIC comes standard with:

  • Check Image Display functionality, allowing for new Checks to be directly compared to customer specific known good Checks either directly within the ARIC UI or via a direct link to an existing investigation UI.
  • Integration points for common Check risk data sources, like EWS and Orbograph.
  • A 360-degree view of the customer, allowing for all payment types across all channels to be used in the evaluation of Check risk.
  • Powerful analytics designed to be easy to use, including items like champion-challenger testing.
  • Plug and play workflows, allowing the system to orchestrate downstream actions within your payments ecosystem.

Target inbound and outbound associated Check Fraud across all channels with ARIC for Payments.

The increase of Check Fraud

Industry experts estimate that despite the slow decrease in Check payment volume, Check fraud will reach $24 billion in 2023 and continue to grow.

The increase of Check use within the COVID-19 pandemic and associated relief payments led fraudsters to shift their focus on exploiting the payment type and they still today continue to capitalize on the vulnerabilities identified.

Featurespace has witnessed a major shift of US based banks focusing on Checks as a priority area to utilize the adaptive behavioral analytics that underpin their ARIC for Payments solution due to a sharp increase in fraud losses.

The adaptive behavioral analytics that underpin the ARIC Risk Hub have been deployed to great success.

A recent deployment of a leading US-based Credit Union achieved a fraud catch rate >80% at a 2:1 false positive ratio.