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Game-changing innovation. Generative AI for good.

Introducing the world’s first Large Transaction Model, created for data scientists, to protect consumers. 

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TallierLTM™ a new ​​breakthrough in AI technology

A large-scale, self-supervised, pre-trained model designed to power the next generation of AI applications for the financial services and payments industries.

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Set to revolutionize the industry, TallierLTM™ gives data scientists working in fraud and financial crime prevention access to the first generative transaction model.

Against a backdrop of increasingly sophisticated fraud attacks, TallierLTM™ has been trained on billions of transactions and is already providing an improvement in Fraud Detection of up to 71% against industry standard models.

Built on the foundations of AI for Good, TallierLTM™ protects consumers and makes the world a safer place to transact.


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Premier Partner

“TSYS and Featurespace have a long track record of co-innovating to deliver industry-leading technologies and solutions that help financial institutions provide secure, seamless experiences at scale. TallierLTM is the next transformative step, allowing us to unlock new insights and power new experiences for our clients around the world, further differentiating our capabilities with this new groundbreaking solution.”

Dondi Black, executive vice president and chief product officer for TSYS.

What OpenAI LLMs has done for language, TallierLTM™ will do for payments

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The Problem

Global losses from card fraud are expected to total $397.4 billion over the next 10 years, with $165.1 billion of those losses happening in the U.S. Amidst these losses, 70% of financial institutions in North America consider fraud and financial crime attacks to be getting worse.

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The Solution

Simply by adding TallierLTM™’s feature vectors to the inputs of an industry-standard fraud model, fraud value detection has increased up to 71% when compared to industry standard models operating at an industry-typical 5:1 False Positive Ratio.

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The Opportunity

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TallierLTM ™ has been pre-trained across billions of transactions using a self-supervised approach, making it highly accurate and representative of real-world consumer transactions.

Spanning jurisdictions and market segments, TallierLTM™ identifies hidden transactional patterns undiscoverable using current industry methods, enabling it to ​​generate likely future consumer transactions.

“What OpenAI’s LLMs have done for language, TallierLTM™ will do for payments” – Dave Excell, Founder, Featurespace


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Hero Image – TallierLTM – 2500×1700

What’s next?

A new peer-reviewed scientific paper detailing the advances that enabled the development of TallierLTM™ has been accepted to appear at the 2023 ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) International Conference on AI in Finance, November 2023.

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