ARIC™ for Online Gaming Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraudulent activity while optimizing a frictionless customer experience, preventing costly fraud losses down the line.

In the dynamic environment of gaming – both online and in-store – fraudsters are constantly evolving their attack methods on players’ accounts.

Featurespace’s ARIC™ Risk Hub, powered by our patented invention, award-winning Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and real-time machine learning, creates a holistic view of individual customer behavior by analyzing player behavior during game play.

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ARIC Risk Hub Effective online gaming fraud detection

By analyzing player behavior during real-time game play, you are able to detect the anomalies which indicate a potential fraud attack.
With ARIC Risk Hub, you can keep a complete audit trail of the entire customer journey. Advanced reporting functionality means you can share relevant information with the regulator, and our sophisticated rules engine allows you to set thresholds for any jurisdiction.

ARIC truly understands ‘good’ behavior, detecting the anomalies which indicate a potential fraud attack resulting in reduced fraud losses, increased revenues and happy, protected players.

Target all tactics used to commit Gaming Fraud

Gaming organizations like you, need the latest technology to keep up, without solely relying on re-writing business rules. ARIC Risk Hub serves as a solution for any gaming fraud threat including (but not limited to):

  • First Party Fraud
  • Bonus Abuse
  • Account Takeover
  • Card Scheme Abuse
  • Chargebacks
  • Player Collusion
  • Chip Dumping
  • Money Laundering

ARIC Risk Hub for Gaming Fraud Prevention


Reduce the impact of chargeback fees and other refund costs


Accurately spot all types of fraud, including first-party (‘friendly’) fraud

gambling behavior

Ensure compliance by understanding players’ in-game behavior

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Automate real-time decision making to minimize customer friction

Keep players safe and regulators happy

  • Reduce fraud losses
    Make real-time, automated fraud decisions to reduce false positives and chargebacks.
  • Improve time to on-board new customers
    Only add friction to high risk customers – by default the experience is frictionless.
  • Target negative behavior across all channels
    From how a player fills in a form, to what deposit are being made.
  • Reduce on-boarding costs
    Optimize the third-party data usage and reduce manual investigations steps.
  • Accurately spot Account Takeover
    Detect fraudulent profiles, even when a criminal has a customer’s full file of identity details.
  • Catch fraudulent applications before transactional fraud occurs
    Reduce the cost of managing fraud downstream from application; identify and block fraudulent activity at the early application stage.
  • Tailor fraud type investigations
    Guide investigators to work alerts based on First-Party Fraud risk vs Third-Party Fraud risk.

ARIC™ White Label

Did you know, ARIC Risk Hub for Gaming Fraud is also available as a White Label product?

Provide real-time fraud protection with the very best machine learning to your clients, opening new revenue streams for your business.

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