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Our team produces industry-leading machine learning models and advanced analytical systems whose decisions protect hundreds of millions of cardholders and accountholders from fraud and financial crime, every day.

Our team is made up of talented Data Scientists, Analytics Consultants, and Risk Strategy Consultants, all working together to ensure our customers get the most out of our award-winning technology.

As a part of the Analytics team, you’ll be a part of our mission to make the world a safer place to transact by delivering systems for some of the biggest and fastest-growing names in financial services.  If you are seeking impactful, interesting, and innovative work, look no further!

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In an ever-changing digital world, analytics roles at Featurespace offer a great deal of scope to learn and develop your skills while making a positive difference in protecting people from fraud.
– Cameron, Lead Analytics Consultant

Choosing a job isn’t just about what you will do but also who you’ll do it with. Analytics is packed with motivated and smart people with high standards for excellence- and we’re growing fast too! The people in our team are our greatest asset; we strive to build a supportive, kind, and nurturing environment day to day and place a lot of emphasis on development and career progression across all our roles.



Your work doesn’t result in a PowerPoint presentation; it ends when fraud gets stopped and genuine customers’ finances are protected 24/7!

You’ll be making a difference to real people.



You’ll have the privilege of helping our customers solve their hardest problems and developing solutions against incredibly rich datasets. There aren’t many jobs that afford you the opportunity to explore a whole country’s transactional and payment data but ours do!



Fraud and risk never stop adapting so our analytics must do too! You’ll work with development teams to ensure that customers benefit from the latest advances in technology and cutting-edge machine learning research.

Mark Mestres

What is your role here at Featurespace?

I joined Featurespace as an Analytics Consultant in January 2023. AC’s support the end-to-end delivery of ARIC’s analytics, guiding our customers on how to get the most out of their data for their risk-management needs. This can include anything from providing workshops on how our rules-based solutions and/or advanced statistical models work in ARIC to collaborating with customers on providing the right data to ARIC and everything in between!

What’s your background?

Before joining Featurespace, I worked in the property & casualty insurance industry for 7 years. During that time, I had the opportunity to work on both sides of the business (underwriting/product & claims) in various roles including investigating claims, API/UI testing & technical product management, data integration product ownership and data scientist. As you can imagine, the insurance industry is quite complex and through my years of learning, it allowed me the chance to develop deep critical thinking and collaboration skills – something strongly needed that I’ve been leveraging quite a bit during my time at Featurespace. Most notably, my recent transition into data science helped to solidify the core fundamentals of advanced analytics in joining a team focused on building various statistical models and performing deep dives in our data to uncover insights.

What’s your quick tip for someone wanting to get into Analytics Consulting? 

  • Learn Data Science! Specifically, focus on learning the data science project lifecycle by building a model. There are great free resources on Kaggle and other sites to help get you started. At a high level, this gives good insights into the type of work we do here in Analytics.
  • Work on strengthening your client management skills. Soft skills are critical for this kind of role as you can imagine, so make sure you feel confident in those abilities.
Catherine Wangen

What is your role here at Featurespace?

I joined Featurespace as a Data Scientist in January 2023. I build machine learning models that help prevent fraud and financial crime.

What’s your background?

I have a bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan, and a master’s in Statistics from Utah State University. Before joining Featurespace, I worked on research at the interface of applied mathematics, machine learning, and ecology. The methods I used in biological systems are relevant to many other systems as well, which helped me become a Data Scientist at Featurespace.

What’s your quick tip for someone wanting to get into Data Science? 

A thorough understanding of the fundamentals allows you to adapt to different situations and succeed in many roles.

Fahid Chowhury

What is your role here at Featurespace?

I originally joined Featurespace as a Functional Consultant in February 2021 and was promoted to a Risk Strategy Consultant in February 2022. In my current role, I lead the management of multiple fraud strategies and oversee the consultancy provided to a particular client, ensuring that the client’s needs are met with expertise and projects being delivered on time from an analytics perspective. By collaborating with data scientists and integrating ARIC’s models, I strive to deliver the most effective solutions to combat various types of fraud and scams and contribute to a safer place to transact for the client’s customers.

What’s your background?

My first job was as a Fraud & Chargeback Strategy Analyst at ASOS. My educational background in engineering and cybersecurity helped me develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, which were essential for this role. My experience at ASOS allowed me to gain expertise in fraud management and strategy, and my subsequent roles further developed my skills in fraud prevention and FinCrime. This experience and my certifications in financial crime and cryptocurrency investigation ultimately helped me land my role at Featurespace.

What’s your quick tip for someone wanting to get into Risk Strategy Consulting? 

Develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, gain experience in fraud strategy and management, and obtain certifications in financial crime and cybersecurity. Networking and staying up-to-date with industry trends will help you stand out and secure a role in this space.

Konstantinos Orfanakis

What is your role here at Featurespace?

I joined Featurespace as a Junior Data Scientist in March 2023. My work focuses on analysing data and developing sophisticated Machine Learning models to detect and prevent financial crime. By leveraging transaction data and advanced statistical models, we can analyse and predict individual customer behaviour in real time. Our customers can then use this information to identify patterns of suspicious activity that may indicate financial crime, such as card fraud and money laundering.

What’s your background?

I joined Featurespace after finishing my PhD in experimental Physics. My previous academic experience helped me develop a strong foundation in multiple fields relevant to Data Science, such as statistical analysis, mathematical modelling, data visualisation, and programming. Yet, the most important skills I acquired from my PhD were analytical and problem-solving skills which enable me to approach complex problems with curiosity and creativity.

What’s your quick tip for someone wanting to get into Data Science? 

To break into data science, build a strong foundation in statistics, programming, and data manipulation. Gain hands-on experience by working on personal projects and participating in Kaggle competitions. Maintain a public portfolio of your projects to showcase your skills and expertise to potential employers.

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We’re always on the lookout for bright, inquisitive individuals to join our Data Science and Analytics teams. Check out our live opportunities page, or reach out directly to register your details for any future roles.

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