“Flexible working has allowed me to cut the number of days I work per week so that I can spend more time with my young family. My current relationship with both of my children, who are 3 and 4 years-old is amazing, and it was formed thanks to the extra time I have now to spend with them.

It was my manager who offered me this opportunity a couple of years ago when she realized I was quite stressed and struggling to keep a healthy work-life balance. In a matter of few weeks HR made all the relevant changes and I reduced the number of days I work per week. The entire organization has been very supportive, and I would highly recommend to everyone to consider this as an option. I am extremely grateful to Featurespace for allowing me to keep this arrangement. Happiness is the key to productivity and flexible working plays a key role in achieving it.”


Unai Ayo, Product Manager


“When I joined Featurespace, I was desperately looking for a better work-life balance. As a full-time working mum, I’ve always struggled to get that balance without feeling like I’m either compromising my career or neglecting my duties as a parent. Featurespace’s approach to flexibility is so refreshing, it really has made a difference to my life. The hybrid working pattern means I can choose what days I work in the office and when I work from home. This gives me so much flexibility and means I can drop my son to school at 8.45am and be online for 9am, it means I can attend his school events and be back online within minutes, so I don’t have to take a half day holiday each time. I can also take a later lunch hour and do school pick up twice a week and I have the option to make up hours as and when needed to accommodate for other personal commitments.

I love being in the office (normally twice a week where possible) and I really enjoy the social interaction with my colleagues in person. I have the best of both worlds!”

Lynsey Edridge, Global Payroll Lead


“I’ve been working remotely for around a decade now, primarily due to my location (out in the country side). So for myself, remote working is an incredibly important aspect of my role. It is fantastic to be working at a company that understands this, and actively supports those who require to work remotely. Additionally working within a team, as well as those outside of the team that understand and support this, makes working at Featurespace an absolute joy and pleasure. The periodic get togethers are incredibly important to maintain a healthy working relationship with colleagues, this is something else that I love about Featurespace. Finally, there’s the flexibility aspect, it’s amazing that I have the ability to adapt my working environment and hours to help me work when I’m the most productive. Having a company that focuses on outcomes rather than hours is a huge win in my opinion.

The one major drawback of remote working however, missing out on the free lunches! 😊”

Sean Wright, Principal Application Security Engineer