Milena joined Featurespace almost 7 years ago and now leads our Technical Account Consulting team! Not only does she guide her team, but also our customers as they navigate the complexities of combating fraud.

Why did you choose STEM?

I chose STEM out of a deep-rooted curiosity, a love of problem solving and a desire to make a difference. After finishing high school education in Poland, I decided to move to the UK to study molecular biology, motivated by the aspiration of contributing to medical research. However, during my final year, while working on the research project, I had a revelation. Although I enjoyed the thrill of discovery, I realized that working in the lab might not be the best fit for me. I decided to reassess my career path, and this led to a pivotal change in direction towards a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology.

This transition wasn’t just about changing my career path—it was about discovering where I could make the most impact.

Talk us through your journey in STEM and what you have achieved?

My journey in STEM has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Entering the IT field, I was struck by the gender gap in my classes. It was daunting at first, but I was fortunate enough to find incredible female tutors who became my mentors. They didn’t just help me navigate my courses; they opened my eyes to the varied opportunities available within the tech industry. Their support and leadership showed me the critical role and space for women in technology, encouraging me to see beyond the hurdles and recognize my potential to contribute meaningfully.

My first job at a sustainability software house was essentially a crash course on how technology can drive positive change. This role was like a boot camp; I was thrown into a variety of projects and got to work with teams from different parts of the organization. It gave me a holistic view of how systems operate and how interconnected everything is. This foundation proved invaluable when moving to my future roles.

For nearly seven years now, I have been with Featurespace. Currently, I am leading the Technical Account Consulting team. In this position, I have the privilege of working directly with our customers, guiding them as they navigate the complexities of combating fraud. It’s a role that not only challenges me but also allows me to see the tangible impact of our collaborative efforts. I’m fortunate to work with incredible organizations around the globe. Being on the front lines and witnessing the direct benefits of our innovative solutions in real-time is incredibly fulfilling. My experiences affirm the power of STEM to address and solve critical global issues, and I am deeply proud to contribute to these solutions.

How does Featurespace support your goals and ambitions?

Featurespace has been instrumental in supporting my goals and ambitions, acting not just as my employer but as a catalyst for growth and development. The company places a strong emphasis on professional development, offering essential training and coaching opportunities that have been pivotal in my journey towards becoming a more effective leader.

Surrounded by brilliant colleagues and under the guidance of visionary leaders, I’m continuously inspired to engage in learning and contribute to meaningful technological advancements. Featurespace’s roots in innovation are evident in our proactive approach to developing world class fraud prevention technology, pushing me and my team to help our customers find solutions that not only address current issues but also anticipate future challenges.

What advice would you give to women looking to succeed in STEM?

To my fellow women in STEM, let’s make this personal journey count. Look for mentors who resonate with your personal values to help you on this journey. Challenges are inevitable, but remember, your unique style is your power! Stand firm in your beliefs, advocate for yourself and your ideas, and recognize that STEM is about shaping a future where your personal contributions matter. Happy International Women and Girls Day in STEM – a celebration of our personal determination, excellence, and the profound impact of women in the field.

Milena Jonkisz, Technical Account Consultant Team Lead