Featurespace Launches Automated Deep Behavioral Networks

Featurespace’s award-winning ARIC™ Risk Hub

Predict, prevent and manage enterprise fraud and financial crime

Featurespace’s award-winning ARIC™ Risk Hub monitors all your customer data in real time, spotting anomalies to enable you to outsmart risk, protect your customers and increase revenue.

Harness machine learning and Adaptive Behavioral Analytics for powerful transaction monitoring to spot and block fraud and financial crime and discover intelligence-led solutions that continually improve and adapt to new risks.

Easily manage multiple solutions within one platform.

Reduce infrastructure costs while having the ability to ingest and analyze the same data across multiple solutions. The ARIC Risk Hub has been further optimized to ensure multiple financial crime teams can use one platform with even further data and processing efficiency.

The ARIC Risk Hub is live and deployed in some of the world’s largest banks, payments processors, merchant acquirers, insurance companies and gaming organizations.

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White Label enabled across all solutions

Provide real-time fraud protection with the very best machine learning to your clients, opening new revenue streams for your business.

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Mega Multi-tenancy capability

Multi-tenancy enables businesses to service everyone from small customers to a large enterprise.

Its architecture allows a single instance of a software application to service multiple customers (tenants) with data segregation between tenants.

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