Our customers


MIT is a leader in payment solution services, servicing 17,000+ small-to-large sized customers in Mexico, in a variety of industries including retail, hospitality and government, with more than 80,000 connected points of sale with 10 million of transactions monthly.

Industry Financial services

Size Servicing 17,000+ merchants

Sector Payments processor

”The growth in fraud, as well as the sophisticated forms that attacks take, forces payments ecosystem participants to seek innovative and disruptive solutions to reduce fraud and make manual processes more efficient, without sacrificing customer experience.”

Juan Carlos Viramontes, Chief Executive Officer, MIT

MIT's challenge

MIT wanted to enhance their fraud prevention across its merchant portfolio.

MIT needed a solution to detect and stop more fraud and reduce their false alerts and chargebacks, but they also wanted to increase transaction acceptance and improve operational efficiencies.

Featurespace’s solution

MIT are integrating the ARIC™ Risk Hub to:

  • Detect anomalies in an individual’s behavior that indicate fraudulent activity, as it occurs.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of genuine customers who are blocked in an attempt to catch fraud.
  • Understand behavior in real-time, to reduce the number of false alerts being investigated.