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The growth in fraud, as well as the sophisticated forms that attacks take, forces payments ecosystem participants to seek innovative and disruptive solutions to reduce fraud and make manual processes more efficient, without sacrificing customer experience.

Juan Carlos Viramontes, Chief Executive Officer, MIT


Mercadotecnia, Ideas y Tecnología (MIT) started in Mexico in 2004, and today the business is seen as one of the key payment processors in Latin America. The business’ objective is to help merchants to receive cards as a means of payment in all their sales channels with high security and availability.

Servicing 22,000 merchants and processing over 26 million transactions per month, across over 100,000 connected points of sale requires a fraud prevention solution that works seamlessly to deliver the highest level of security without impeding the payment process. To maintain and enhance the fraud protection MIT offers their merchants, the business looked to augment their current operations with a solution to further reduce false alerts and chargebacks, that also increases transaction acceptance and improves operational efficiencies across their merchant portfolios. Today, MIT’s implementation of the ARIC™ Risk Hub within their payment operations dramatically reduces the number of genuine customers blocked, reduces false alerts and detects suspicious individual behavior in real time.

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