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Starting Your Analytics Consulting Career at Featurespace: Key Insights for Success

by Cameron Peak     8 min read  | July 3, 2023

As businesses recognise the value of the data they hold and pick up more use cases, the demand for consultants with experience in Data Science and the business acumen to translate between technical experts and stakeholders has grown exponentially. Analytics Consultants possess an extremely valuable blend of skills, combining proficiency in data analysis with deep understanding of industry-specific challenges. However, there is not yet a fully accepted job title for this in the industry yet, being interchangeably referred to as Analytics Translator, Business Scientist, or Data Science Consultant.

Within Featurespace our dedicated Analytics Consulting practice supports and advises customers throughout the end-to-end delivery of our advanced analytics platform. The team works closely with clients to understand the opportunities in their available data, and with internal teams to optimise our platform to mitigate their specific fraud risks. We have a wide scope of responsibilities, ranging from performing data analysis, presenting to senior stakeholders, and advising on integration choices.


Cameron Peak –

Lead Analytics Consultant

What You Need to Know

We look for experienced and result-driven consultants, with the attention to detail to understand complex data systems and advise on optimal analytical solutions. Depending on your background there will be areas you are stronger and weaker in, and the training we provide will be tailored accordingly. In the first few months, we will teach you about our platform and offering, and cover different fraud typologies in detail, however not everything can be covered in a two-month training course! At a minimum before joining, a successful Analytics Consultant should have a solid grounding in these areas:

Communication and Soft Skills: With the heavy consulting focus, communication in a variety of styles is crucial, particularly being able to simplify technical concepts for a business audience. I personally find that having some experience in teaching gives an excellent foundation for what is required in the role, though this is not essential!

Technical Skills: As we work in deploying world-class statistical models having a solid grasp of the fundamentals of statistics and Machine Learning is essential. It is valuable to be proficient in at least one coding language, as the ability to think programmatically is essential for delivering effective analytical solutions. Familiarity with Big Data platforms and ML tooling is also very helpful.

Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with trends and terminology in the Financial Service sector enables you to communicate effectively with our clients. Fraud detection has its own specific challenges, having vastly different characteristics depending on the channel you are analysing, so prior knowledge here is always a plus.

If you are looking to develop your technical skillset, I would recommend Andrew Ng’s Coursera series and Kaggle’s Titanic Prediction tutorial for Data Science; and MITx’s Introduction to Computer Science Using Python is a comprehensive introduction to coding best practices in a versatile language. While a background studying STEM at university is a great way to learn these skills, there is no substitute for practical hands-on experience with real world data.

Writing Your CV

Having looked at hundreds of CVs while growing the Analytics Consulting team, there are three key things which always make candidates stand out:

Relevant experience: Showcase any experience you have in Consulting, Data Science or Banking organisations, emphasizing your accomplishments and the impact you have personally had. Experience productionising Data Science models especially stands out, as does having overseen or project managed a team delivering something new.

Projects: You should highlight any professional, personal, or academic projects that demonstrate your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and ability to own a delivery. The results achieved should be front and centre, along with a brief description of the problem you were solving, and the tools and techniques used.

Technical Skills: If you are proficient in programming languages, data visualisation techniques, ML libraries or anything else relevant we want to know about it! This can come from certifications demonstrating your expertise, completion of online courses, or personal research. Be prepared to have a brief chat about anything you list on your CV!

In an ever-changing digital world, analytics consulting roles at Featurespace offer a great deal of scope to learn and develop your skills while making a positive difference in protecting people from fraud. If you are a result-driven professional eager to transition into a team with a high-impact role in analytics we would love to hear from you!