Three-month enterprise, on-premise deployment of the ARIC™ Risk Hub

LONDON, 31st July 2019 – Featurespace, the leading provider of Adaptive Behavioral Analytics for fraud detection and risk management, announced the seamless, 92-day, on-premise enterprise delivery of its ARIC Risk Hub with Contis, an award-winning banking, payments and processing solution provider.

Contis selected Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub in late 2018 to detect and prevent transactional fraud in real-time and began its integration in January 2019. Within three months, Featurespace and Contis completed deployment and training within Contis’ existing fraud prevention environment and is now detecting fraud for authorized push payments in real-time. The integration also readies Contis for elements of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which is set to take effect in September 2019.

“The level of our teams’ collaboration is among the best I’ve ever seen. Record-breaking enterprise, on-premise deployment requires exceptional technologists and teamwork. It’s good to know we can support our clients through the fraud protection and preparation required ahead of legislative change.” said Martina King, CEO of Featurespace.

Flavia Alzetta, CEO of Contis, said, “From the onset, Featurespace’s team showed why the company is a leader in fraud detection with unmatched expertise and mature technological capabilities.” She continued, “Their first-class training and ongoing responsiveness and support ensured cohesion across all teams, enabling us to better protect our banking and payments clients and keep them ahead of criminals.”

King continued, “This three-month delivery is a testament to our shared determination to make the banking and payments safer and faster, and we couldn’t be more pleased.”