Cambridge, UK, Atlanta, Singapore, 17 August 2022 – Financial Services industry set to benefit from global partnership for end-to-end financial crime prevention

  • Partnership integrates Vital4 data in ARIC™ Risk Hub
  • Industry gets enhanced AI driven data and analysis
  • Supports AML and sanctions compliance

Featurespace and Vital4 have signed a global partnership to provide the financial services industry with AI driven Watchlist, PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media screening through Featurespace’s award winning ARIC Risk Hub.  With this partnership, ARIC Risk Hub for AML is a one stop, end-to-end financial crime prevention solution for the customer.

Through a single API, ARIC Risk Hub for AML will leverage the watchlist data collected and curated by Vital4 to enhance the performance of Featurespace’s self learning models, ultimately improving accuracy and reducing false positives in flagged entities and transactions. Vital4’s automated AML/ KYC data tools analyze more than 6,000 global watchlists to help identify subjects involved in sanctions, terrorism, or corruption.

“Given the complementary technologies of Featurespace and Vital4, the industry now has access to behavioral analytics coupled with sentiment analysis to truly identify the financial criminals in real time.”  Said Dave Excell, Featurespace Founder.

Vital4’s AI driven system examines 13 important criteria to provide the highest levels of name-matching, removing the ambiguity of legacy systems that rely on fuzzy name matching that can miss critical data points.

“As financial crime becomes increasingly complex to combat, crossing borders and moving in real-time, AML professionals need a complete risk hub to effectively monitor and report suspicious transactions and remain compliant.” Said Amy Barbieri, Co-Founder and President of Vital4.  “The risk of non-compliance has huge reputational impact, making the business case clear for technologies that improve the accuracy for anti-financial crime efforts”.

Featurespace and Vital4 are two Atlanta based AI driven technology companies led by industry leading women.  The two companies are unified around a shared commitment to enable banks and financial instutions with the best technology to fight financial crime and make the world a safer place to transact.

Primary industry benefits:

AI Driven Watchlist Screening:

  • Machine learning to manage increasing volume and variety of transactions and entities to screen and monitor
  • Monitoring over 6,300 Watchlists and Global Sanctions in 200+ countries and regions
  • Propriety entity and name matching to provide more accurate search results and reduce false positives
  • Proprietary 13-point name matching algorithm – better than traditional fuzzy name matching logic
  • Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to truly identify Adverse Media articles AI-powered tagging of individuals or businesses in articles
  • Watchlists updated real-time
  • Risk-based call-out depending on business rule logic, analytics output

Customer Screening

  • Screening at onboarding, change of details and ongoing trigger-based or scheduled monitoring
  • Risk-based screening policies determine depth of search
  • Watchlist flags available for analysts and immediate use within rules

Real-time Transaction Screening

  • Real-time enabled sanctions screening of specified transaction types
    (i.e. cross-border, wires, ACH)
  • Screening of counterparties
  • Instant responses and action tags
  • Reviewed in context of wider account activity a single, intuitive UI

Featurespace continues to partner with best in class technologies to provide holistic FRAML solutions for smart thinking financial institutions.  Featurespace’s partnership with Vital4 provides customers with a consolidated view and ability to manage financial crime risks across AML, fraud and sanctions within a single next generation risk management platform. Featurespace’s partnership with Callsign provides Enhanced Authentication and Device ID and security is provided by Accertify, and Ciphertrace provides crypto intelligence for transactional monitoring.