Ken Rumph, Equity Research Analyst, includes Featurespace in “magnificent seven soonicorns”

Jefferies analyst Ken Rumph has released a comprehensive report on Touchstone Innovations, highlighting Featurespace as one of the “magnificent seven soonicorns” – which he describes as “potential unicorns (>$1bn value) or at least ‘unicolts’ ($500m)”.

Rumph looks in detail at the seven disruptors, including Featurespace’s adaptive behavioural analytics software system – the ARIC platform.

The machine learning, real time ARIC platform monitors individual customer data in real-time across multiple channels. Using unique adaptive behavioural analytics. The ARIC platform detects anomalies and blocks fraudulent transactions at the moment they occur, while still allowing genuine customers to make legitimate transactions. An approach which could save the global payments industry over $16bn annually (Oakhall, 2016).


Read the full Jefferies report, including the Featurespace profile on pages 30-31.