Featurespace is a company that brings new insights through new ways of treating data. But we are very much a human company, not just a tech company

Featurespace was created by a Cambridge University Professor and his PhD student, Dave Excell, at the forefront and confluence of two academic fields: Data Science and Computer Science. Professor Bill Fitzgerald was an extraordinary inventor who, in his role as Head of Applied Statistics and Signal Processing, contributed towards understanding the extraction of the ‘signal’ (or meaning) from the ‘noise’ in data. Dave Excell adapted and commercialised this technology into Featurespace’s award-winning ARIC platform.

Teaching machines to act and to think like humans is an exciting recent breakthrough in these academic fields. Featurespace’s Adaptive Behavioural Analytics technology left the Cambridge Engineering Department in 2008, when Betfair asked Featurespace to build the first system to outwit fraud attacks by thinking like each one of their customers.

Featurespace built the world’s first Adaptive Behavioural Analytics engine – the ARIC platform – to solve this commercial challenge. We found the Financial Services industry was plagued by similar issues. ARIC is proving the commercial value in the world of this anomaly detection technology, helping organisations revolutionise the way they get the best out of their own data.

We cultivate an innovative, fun and positive team atmosphere. We challenge each other to find new solutions to client problems and our work is constantly evolving as our business grows. We share an enthusiasm for technical innovation and we’re interested in the outcomes you achieve, not just the hours you put in. We work hard, but flexibly. We’re focused but we take time out to have fun as a team. We’re driven by our passion for analytics and technology, and our enthusiasm for rapidly building a successful business.

Find out more about joining our engineering, data science and commercial teams. 

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