Intuitive case management combined with the world’s best analytics to fight fraud and money laundering

Fraud and money laundering are often connected in a chain of criminal activity.

Criminals use complex layers of financial transactions to hide the source of their income. Financial services organizations are the networks targeted as routes to legitimize fraudulent money across the globe.

With fraud and money laundering posing serious and far-reaching economic, reputational and societal threats, financial services organizations are fast leveraging technology to detect and prevent such crimes at pace.

The multi-award winning, real-time, machine learning ARIC™ Risk Hub enables companies and organizations to understand and predict behavior that indicates fraud and money laundering.

Key features

AI-powered, institution-wide investigation with enhanced Case Management
ARIC Risk Hub has been built with enhanced case management for anti-money laundering teams. This will streamline compliance operations and help investigators to organize, prioritize and manage investigations within a single view of the Risk Hub.


Optimized, user friendly case workflow

Workflows can be set and edited to match business requirements. This ensures cases include all the relevant information and evidence needed to investigate, escalate or close a case.  The user-friendly interface enables investigators to easily assign alerts, transactions or add more information to existing cases across multiple customers. This is valuable to give investigators a view of the full scope of the suspicious activity being investigated.

One Risk Hub to view all customers involved in suspicious transactions 

ARIC Risk Hub automatically raises an alert when a pattern of suspicious behavior is identified.

Investigators create and manage cases directly from alert reviews. Integrations with third-party case management systems are also available. ARIC Risk Hub will reflect any escalating actions of alerts within the case management system.

A key benefit is the option to enrich the incident management process by enabling investigators to view images of checks, proofs of identity, scanned and other documents stored in third-party systems.

Investigators can compare documents side-by-side and compile visual evidence to prove or strengthen the case directly from the alert they are reviewing.



ARIC Risk Hub provides transparency with explainable analytics, meeting regulatory requirements with reporting that details the primary customer, as well as multiple associated customers.

Enhanced incident management and search UI

Context is key to identifying suspicious activity. ARIC Risk Hub enables users to quickly find information they need when viewing the history of a customer, account, card or other entity. Investigators can easily explore and refine the information displayed through active filters.

Improved configuration management

Gain greater flexibility, independence, and control to make and manage configuration changes directly within the ARIC Risk Hub user interface to tailor the solution against your financial crime fighting requirements. Full version control, including an audit log of all changes, empowers administrators to revert to previous versions if required. Configurations can be tested in pre-production environments before exporting for upload into a live instance.

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Navigating evolving criminal tactics, changing customer habits, transformational payments technology and regulatory landscapes presents a constantly moving target for financial institutions. The latest ARIC Risk Hub release provides new capabilities to stay ahead of criminals and delivers results unmatched by traditional methods.