Prevent false positives. Protect your business.

Using non-monetary events in model scoring helps issuers to reduce fraud, increase authorizations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Legitimate customer transactions can look similar to fraudulent activity.
This can lead to genuine transactions being wrongly declined.  When this happens, you lose interchange fees and potential revenue — and your customers lose faith in you.
– 33% of falsely-declined new shoppers abandon the retailer entirely1
– 75 times more revenue is lost to false declines than to legitimate fraud2

With advanced machine learning and non-monetary event scoring, Foresight Score offers model learning for better fraud detection — to reduce false positives and minimize losses.
Learn how non-monetary event scoring helps improve fraud detection.

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  2. Forbes, March 2021. How False Claims Of Fraud Cost Retailers Online Sales.

(*) This solution does not work in the US or North America.