Contis, Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service platform, is renowned for their transformative approach to payments, issuing and processing – helping corporates, banks, fintechs and insurers to unleash their true potential.

Evolving shifts in consumer behavior and the advancement of tactics used by fraudsters pose a significant challenge to financial services when it comes to fraud detection and prevention. According to Action Fraud, overall fraud losses in 2020 equated to over £2.3bn – an eye-watering figure.

To further enhance their forward-thinking business, Contis identified the need for a world-class fraud technology solution to add to their armory. By maximizing the value of their data, Contis have seen game changing results in the reduction of fraud losses and chargeback transactions.

Deployed in just 90 days, this Case Study shares how ARIC™ Risk Hub gave Contis the ability to maximize the value of their data and provide consumers and businesses the protection they deserve…all in real time.

Download Contis’ Hero Story to discover the full account of how they are outsmarting sophisticated card and payment fraud.