The risk-based approach is being proposed by many regulators as the most effective method in combating financial crime. However, adoption of this approach varies widely across institutions.

With as little as 20 minutes of an analyst’s day being spent on worthwhile alerts, there is huge appetite to change practices – and implement more effective technology.

Ivan Zasarsky, Partner, Financial Crime Practice Leader at PwC Canada is joined by Araliya Sammé, Head of Financial Crime and Annegret Funke, Senior Solutions Consultant at Featurespace to discuss:

  • Why a risk-based approach is so important
  • The challenges in implementing this technique
  • How technology can enable and enhance a risk-based approach
  • The future of financial crime and risk management

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Our Speakers


Ivan Zasarsky

Financial Crime Practice Leader,
PwC Canada


Araliya Sammé (De Silva)

Head of Financial Crime,

annegret BW

Annegret Funke

Senior Solutions Consultant,