You may think you’ve been careful, but a determined scammer can probably find enough to manipulate you.

Featurespace recently welcomed Guardian Money and Consumer Editor, Hilary Osborne, to our Cambridge HQ to meet with Fraud Expert, Steve Goddard and find out just how easily fraudsters can uncover personal information and manipulate individuals into parting with their cash.

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Featurespace exists to protect people and organisations from the rising threats of fraud and financial crime.  In an increasingly digital world, sophisticated criminal activity is taking advantage of individual vulnerabilities, and exploiting weaknesses in our global financial infrastructure generating huge personal and institutional losses.  In this fluid and fiercely competitive environment, only by being truly able to understand what genuine behaviour looks like, can we identify and act on behavior that is out of character – we call this Adaptive Behavioral Analytics.

Featurespace’s smart technology thinks and works in exactly the same way.

ARIC Risk Hub, our proprietary machine learning ecosystem – quickly analyses the entire payment journey and accurately predicts individual behavior in real time, understanding risk even as underlying behaviors change. With this technology, anomalies in customer’s behavior can be rapidly understood and evaluated to stop fraud and financial crime, without the need to re-train models.

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