As London Tech Week approaches its 10th anniversary, LCCI President, tech leader and CEO of Featurespace, Martina King, reflects on the capital’s vibrant tech ecosystem and its vital role in securing and driving sustainable innovation, growth and prosperity worldwide.

London’s reputation as a leading global tech hub is well earned and well established; it is Europe’s largest, attracting double the amount of investment than any European city in 2022 and ranking fourth on the global stage. London is fast catching up with chief contender Silicon Valley, offering access to skills, talent, infrastructure and financing that is unparalleled elsewhere.

Last year, UK tech firms secured almost $30bn of venture capital funding, coming just behind those from China and the USA, which is testament to the superpower of our capital city and all who make it the best in the world for finding business, trade and investment opportunities.

So, what are the drivers of this success? How has London become the nucleus of the UK’s tech sector, buzzing with innovative technology businesses, start-ups and angel investors? And what can we do to continue to grow the sector and realise its full potential?

Firstly, we must recognise London’s convening power and its reputation as a leading global financial centre, housing the headquarters of many major banks, investment firms, and venture capital funds. This concentration of financial institutions provides access to an array of investment opportunities for business of all sizes. Furthermore, tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have established significant presence in London, fostering a culture of innovation in our city and championing the city as a leading tech destination.

London is also home to a highly skilled and diverse workforce. Leading universities in London attract talent from all over the world and produce a pool of top-tier graduates, entrepreneurs and innovators who contribute to the growth of businesses and the economy. Of course, there are skills challenges, but organisations like the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry play a leading role in facilitating collaboration between universities, industry leaders, and policymakers in order to deliver robust training and education programmes that secure a pipeline of skills and talent for the long term.

London’s favourable regulatory environment is equally as crucial for the tech sector’s success. The UK has established a strong regulatory framework which fosters innovation while ensuring that consumer, data and other protections are in place. Similarly, London boasts fantastic infrastructure – reliable transport systems, affordable office space and good internet connectivity – which aid in the development of tech clusters or innovation districts (such as the Euston Road medical innovation cluster) where companies can collaborate, share resources, and benefit from proximity to other tech-focused organisations.

Clearly London is an excellent destination for tech firms and presents an appealing opportunity for global investors. At LCCI, we work closely with industry stakeholders and policymakers to maintain the competitiveness of the UK’s tech sector and London’s role as a global City and leading business destination. We are delighted to partner with London Tech Week and welcome inspirational founders, innovative thinkers, business leaders and policymakers, to explore everything that our wonderful capital has to offer, as we embark together on building a more inclusive and sustainable world.


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