Adaptive Machine Learning for Enterprise Financial Crime – What Financial Crime Professionals Need to Know

Globally, the financial services industry is undergoing a period of transformative change, and Asia Pacific is no exception. Criminals are constantly looking to find the institutions with the weakest links.

In this exclusive webinar, Dave Excell, Featurespace’s Founder will share insights into why Machine Learning (ML) is the future of fighting financial crime.

Featurespace’s ML-enabled enterprise financial crime prevention platform runs inside some of the world’s largest banks, payment processors, acquirers and merchants, assisting financial crime professionals in keeping one step ahead of criminals while providing a profitable balance between customer protection and seamless experience. Key takeaways:

  • Why this is the right time for Adaptive Machine Learning for financial crime professionals – Adaptive Machine Learning versus rules and traditional Machine Learning
  • Outsmarting risk – how unique models in financial crime detection is helping in understanding individual behaviors at speed and scale
  • Real-life cases showcasing how Adaptive Machine Learning has transformed enterprise financial crime prevention
  • How financial institutions can empower their own data science teams within an Open Modeling Environment

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