Our customers

Global Credit Card Issuer

Increases revenue by accepting more customers using machine learning technology

70% Reduced the volume of genuine transactions declined by 70% - accepting more business

80% For Card Not Present (online) fraud, ARIC reduced the volume of genuine transactions declined by over 80%

40% Cut fraud losses by over 40% – improving revenue

“Featurespace took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve, learn about our business and come up with a solution that is going to make a real difference to our business.”

Global Credit Card Issuer

Customer’s challenge

This Global Credit Card Issuer wanted to build a new transactional fraud detection system to:

  • Improve customer acceptance and reduce false fraud alerts
  • Spot new types of fraud automatically
  • Automatically adapts for consistent performance – no need for retuning 

Featurespace’s solution

This global credit card issuer implemented ARIC to:

  • Monitor individual customer behaviour

Across all transactional data

  • Increase customer acceptance

By accurately understanding legitimate customer behaviour on an individual basis

  • Spot and block new fraud attacks

By detecting anomalies in behaviour