08 July 2019

ARIC 3.14 Release

Fighting Fraud - Quickly and Efficiently

Exciting new features make ARIC™ 3.14 our most user-friendly release yet

Featurespace's ARIC Fraud Hub uses unique Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to detect fraud before any harm can be done to businesses and their customers.

By listening to our clients, we are constantly challenging ourselves to make ARIC even more user-friendly. Nothing hinders productivity as much as complicated and unsuitable tools - just as you wouldn't expect a firefighter to extinguish a blaze with a sprinkler, fraud analysts cannot outsmart fraudsters using clunky software where more time is spent looking for the relevant information than spent resolving the case.

To solve this problem, our latest ARIC release introduces new features designed to speed up workflows and make sure that relevant fraud-fighting information is just a click away. The release also includes further strengthening of ARIC's security and resiliency features to ensure enterprise readiness and full scalability.

New ARIC release: key UI features for exceptional ease-of-use

Rule Templates Library

Choose and modify an existing rules template (built by your administrator or landlord) or create your own - all in an easy-to-use UI that allows even those unfamiliar with writing rules to make the most of ARIC's analytical power.

Enhanced Search and Incident Page Customization

A powerful search function developed based on best practice UX (User Experience) research. The fully interactive search bar suggests search terms and offers a live preview of results, allowing users to optimize their search as they type.

Automatically see the most relevant information for the entity type you are looking at for faster decision making.

Enhancements to hierarchy management within our Merchant Monitoring solution

Gain access to more aggregated data about individual merchants and merchant hierarchies for improved insight into the overall risk level associated with individual and groups of merchants. This holistic view of cases enables your analysts to resolve investigations faster and identify fraud trends as they emerge.

Enhanced Search presents you with useful hints, search options, and a preview of results based on your current selection of parameters.

As you start typing in the search box, matching searchable fields will be highlighted and brought to the top of the suggestions.

As you are entering your search terms, you may see suggestions of relevant entities in the 'Search Preview' section of the search box.

Making ARIC even more powerful

Improvements to analytical testing and sandboxing

Get improved asynchronous task management for better visibility and control over tasks running alongside the event processing such as Sandbox Replay. In addition, ARIC can use models uploaded from platforms such as H2O and Tensorflow, allowing you to utilize third-party analytics.

Quick and transparent implementation

We have adopted industry-standard installation technologies; enhancing the reliability of ARIC deployments and upgrades as well as streamlining the set-up steps for our customers.

Improvements to security, stability, resilience

Performance improvements enable ARIC to process more events, increasing the speed at which behavioral profiles can be updated for even greater score accuracy, while extended encryption of communication harden the system's security and resilience.

To see how ARIC could help your team fight fraud, please schedule your demo below, or, if you're an existing customer and would like to talk about upgrading, please contact your account manager.

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