Demonstrating its commitment to protecting organizations around the globe from fraud and financial crime, Featurespace has once again innovated its award-winning ARIC™ Risk Hub to provide customers with greater controls and insights in the fight against criminals.

Enhanced multiple solution support capabilities include:

  • Solution-specific analytics: Different solutions require a variety of analytics, including business rules, models, and negative and positive lists. Each solution has its own set of analytics that can be managed and maintained by users of that solution, or by administrators with access to multiple solutions. ARIC Risk Hub can now provide different types of fraud and risk detection on the same event stream. For example, fraud transaction monitoring and AML controls can be provided on the same customer activity, or monitor completely different event streams, so that risk can be monitored and managed on two different types of events with two different solutions within the same platform.
  • Stronger integrated reporting: Management Information (MI) reports can now be embedded within the ARIC Risk Hub’s user interface (UI), alongside native reports. This makes it easier to view all reporting and MI data together and to manage the visibility of this data to your users.
  • Multi-tenancy: Supporting multi-tenant solutions alongside zero tenant solutions delivers ARIC’s risk management capabilities, while allowing internal users to use other ARIC solutions. For example, acquirers and payment service providers using the Merchant Reseller solution can offer ARIC to merchants for transactional fraud monitoring to safeguard themselves and their customers. In addition, this can be used in conjunction with Featurespace’s Merchant Monitoring solution, allowing internal fraud and risk teams to monitor merchant behavior and further insulate against fraud and financial crime.

Other key enhancements available in ARIC Risk Hub 3.18 include:

  • Multi-language offering: In response to increased demand in Spain and Latin America, the ARIC Risk Hub UI is now available in Spanish. If a user’s browser language is set to Spanish, it will display as the default language. Alternatively, Spanish can be selected via a dropdown menu on the sign-in page. Documentation, including the inline documentation that can be viewed in the UI, is currently only available in English, and underlying data and configuration elements such as entity types and event data fields are not translated.
  • Tokenization integration: To further support regulatory compliance, a new framework enables ARIC to integrate with third-party tokenization solutions, allowing users to process sensitive data and display it securely to others without storing it in ARIC.
  • Automated Deep Behavioral Networks: ARIC Risk Hub 3.18 provides access to Featurespace’s recently launched Automated Deep Behavioral Networks, which provides the card and payments industry a deeper layer of defense to protect consumers from scams, account takeover, card and payments fraud.


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About Featurespace –

Featurespace™ is the world leader in Enterprise Financial Crime prevention for fraud and Anti-Money Laundering. Featurespace invented Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and Automated Deep Behavioral Networks, both of which are available through the ARIC™ platform, a real-time machine learning software that risk scores events in more than 180 countries to prevent fraud and financial crime.

ARIC™ Risk Hub uses advanced, explainable anomaly detection to enable financial institutions to automatically identify risk, catch new fraud attacks and identify suspicious activity in real-time. More than 30 major global financial institutions are using ARIC to protect their business and their customers. Publicly announced customers include HSBC, TSYS, Worldpay, NatWest, Contis, Danske Bank, ClearBank, AK Bank and Permanent TSB.

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