Contis is a leading provider of award-winning, end-to-end, banking, payments and processing solutions. Their partnership with Featurespace started in 2018, when Contis identified the need for a best-in-class fraud technology solution to push them even further to the forefront of innovation and support their forward-thinking business objectives.

ARIC™ Risk Hub was deployed in just 90 days. This speedy deployment allowed Contis to quickly maximize the value of their data through a 360 degree view of their customer’s transactional behavior in real time. Contis use custom rules to target specific fraud types even as underlying behaviors change, providing their customers and business the protection they deserve.

Watch now to hear Contis’ journey to outsmarting sophisticated card and payment fraud.

Discover the game changing results Contis are achieving with ARIC™ Risk Hub by downloading their Hero Story here.