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Ready to cut your fraud losses and axe customer friction?

With Featurespace’s award-winning technology now concentrated on 3D Secure, cutting card fraud just got easier.

By combining deep risk analysis and AI with 3D Secure, we can link all the data at both the authorization and authentication stages of every transaction, so your insight into each cardholder rockets. 

Less fraud. Less false positives. Happier customers.


Regain control and maximize value with continuous visibility over transaction data

Better fraud detection rates 

Featurespace uses the most advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to delve deeper into a cardholder’s transaction details. 

By pullingevery piece of data from both ends of the transaction (3D Secure authentication and transaction authorization), Featurespace deconstructs 3D Secure to give you sharply greater insights with pinpoint accuracy. 

This makes the accept, decline or challenge decision at the Access Control Server significantly more accurate and frictionless. 

By acutely improving the accuracy of false positives, we’re solving the biggest challenge the industry faces, right now.

Compliant with all global regulations  

Featurespace’s technology is fully compliant with all global regulations for 3D Secure. Whether you’re in the US, Europe, UK or Asia, we’ve got you covered.  

For UK and European businesses, you should be fully compliant with current PSD2 regulations, but PSD3 is not far away. Stricter rules on access to payment systems and account information are likely. Financial institutions able to achieve low, controlled levels of fraud could be afforded greater self-autonomy and more freedom over their own decisions.  

Featurespace applied to 3D Secure puts you ahead of your competition with stronger compliance with current and new regulations. 

PSD3 is not here yet. But it’s coming.  

Is your system ready? 

“It has been beyond my expectations. We introduced a million customers overnight during the peak season and it has performed very well and can only move from strength to strength as it learns more every day what genuine behaviour looks like for each individual Metro Bank customer.” 

Featurespace applied to TSYS Smartsecure
Metro Bank  
Aisling Kane, COO

By migrating to Featurespace with ACS partners, the versatility of your new system means it could be up and running in as little as 8 weeks

Less Fraud

Less fraud

Greater control and insight over transaction data helps to acknowledge low-risk transactions, resulting in less false positives and a sharp decrease in card fraud.

Lower costs

Get your fraud management team fully focused on the true critical transactions. With fewer incidents and cases to review, operational efficiencies accelerate.

Reduce liability exposure

Deeper and broader insight into every transaction provides an opportunity to drastically cut liability exposure.

Growth bar

Faster business growth

With higher transactional throughput, more of the right customers pass unencumbered. Happier customers = greater brand loyalty, increased revenue and faster growth.

Move away from your expensive and inflexible legacy system to one offering greater control, enhanced value and peace of mind

Why Access Control Servers partner with Featurespace

Featurespace uses leading machine learning models with proven fraud detection and applies them to the world’s most innovative and robust Access Control Servers. 

  • Push the potential of your ACS to its limit. 
  • Save time and resource without building a bigger fraud tool. 
  • Get stronger traction with banks and other financial institutions. 
  • Expand your business faster and more effectively 
  • Combine authorization and authentication to get close to a single customer view.

Featurespace is actively looking to partner with the best Access Control Servers. If you’re ready to elevate your system to reach a bigger proportion of the market, just get in contact using the form below. 

How much could you gain by using Featurespace applied to 3D Secure?

  • Fight card fraud
  • Cut out false positives
  • Drive down operational costs
  • Sharply reduce liability exposure
  • Identify risk with greater accuracy
  • Comply with global regulations and get ready for PDS3

To find out, schedule a call with Ed Medcalf, our 3D Secure & Commercial lead.

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