goHenry is a Pre-paid, Pocket Money Card and App with unique parental controls, for young people aged 6 to 18.

“We are delighted to be working with Featurespace to ensure that our customers are even better protected. Featurespace’s industry leading technology ensures that goHenry continues to lead the market.”

Louise Hill, Chief Operating Officer, goHenry

Industry: Financial services

Size: 100,000+ customers

Sector: Pre-paid card issuer

goHenry’s challenge

goHenry’s mission is to make the next generation of young people better at managing money.

As the UK’s first fully digital family banking solution, goHenry wanted to protect their young savers from fraud. With a highly manual, reactive and rules-based approach, fraudsters were able to recognize and abuse these rules, leaving a lot of fraud undetected.

Featurespace’s solution

Featurespace's ARIC™ platform is being deployed to:

  • Spot behavioral anomalies in real-time using machine learning.
  • Monitor transactions across the entire customer journey to reduce fraudulent transactions.
  • Monitor and detect signs of application fraud.

The partnership

After taking time to understand the business and painpoints, goHenry appointed Featurespace to safeguard their customers’ accounts and reduce fraudulent transactions.

By using Featurespace’s real-time machine learning platform ARIC, goHenry can ensure an innovative fraud and risk protection system for their customers.

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