ARIC™ Risk Hub

Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub for financial crime monitors real time customer data, using our invention, Adaptive Behavioral Analytics.

ARIC Risk Hub offers 7 machine learning solutions for fraud and Anti-Money Laundering analysts to spot suspicious activity and prioritize alerts with explainable anomaly detection. At the same time, ARIC Risk Hub recognizes genuine customers without blocking their activity, reducing friction.

Working as a technology partner to the financial services industry, our ARIC Risk Hub is deployed in some of the world's largest banks, payments processors and merchant acquirers. 


consumers protected from risk


events processed per year


reduction in false positive alerts


fraud attacks blocked as they occur with a 5:1 false positive ratio


Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) caught from working top 5% of prioritized alerts

Real time

used to decision authorizations in world leading payment platforms

ARIC™ Risk Hub v3.17

Discover the full features and functionality of ARIC™ Risk Hub

Our world-leading, real-time machine learning product for fraud and financial crime prevention used globally by financial services institutions

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Monitor and protect your customers with Adaptive Behavioral Analytics

ARIC Adaptive Machine Learning Models
ARIC Adaptive Behavioral Analytics, machine learning models, built for your environment data sets using Featurespace's domain expertise. Available as bank-grade standardized models for our solutions - including card fraud, application fraud, AML and merchant monitoring - or customized according to your business needs.
ARIC Open Modeling Environment
A world class modeling studio environment for data science teams to deploy their own models within ARIC in a number of standard languages.
Adaptive Rules Engine
Utilize Adaptive Behavioral Analytics technology for adaptive rules, which can be authored and configured by your risk analysts.
Author new rules, models and thresholds - and test the impact of these changes against production data.
Customer Data
Ingest, process and analyze customer data in real-time, or batch across thousands of events per second, according to your business needs.
Third-Party Integrations
Integrate ARIC Risk Hub with a wide range of third-party enterprise systems.

Detect anomalies as they happen, using all of the data available to you

Three levels of reporting to meet your business needs

Your ARIC Risk Hub UI includes standard reports and dashboards on Analyst Performance, Analytic Performance, Risk and Business Performance.
Monitoring and System Performance
Extract data in a variety of formats to integrate with your existing Business Intelligence tools or reporting software.
Tableau visualizations and dashboards
Fully integrated with ARIC Risk Hub, transform and optimize your data for display in Tableau.
Easy, intuitive access to investigative tools, incident and alert management, network analysis and Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics.
Translatable User Interface
Can be translated into any language.
In-platform documentation
Easily access relevant documentation within the ARIC Risk Hub User Interface.
Network Analysis
Visualize networks between entities to investigate linked accounts, find fraud rings, identify suspicious activity and detect potential application fraud.
ARIC Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics
Use behavioral data from websites and mobile apps to detect anomalous activity and stop attacks including Malware, MITM, Account Takeover and Phishing attacks. Learn more.

Intuitive User Interface 

Unlock new business opportunities with mega

On-board and manage thousands of tenants in a single instance of ARIC
One installation of ARIC can service every one of thousands of landlord's customers (tenants) securely, with data segregation between tenants.
Mega-tenancy enabled and mega-performant
Automatically on-board 100,000s of tenants, with over 10,000 events capable of being processed per second.
Customize tenant grouping and access
Set and manage tenant groups and hierarchies, applying set models and rules across Analytical Configuration Groups. Tier tenant access and user interface configuration, enabling structured packages to sell on to your customers. 
Learn more about ARIC White Label here.

ARIC Risk Hub V3.17

Speed up alert monitoring and management workflows. Enhance resiliency and ensure that financial crime prevention teams can outsmart criminals more effectively than ever.

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Discover our seven solutions for fraud and financial crime

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